Here are some links to useful websites and information:

AGOSCI is a group that represents people who have Complex Communication Needs (CCN) and those who live, know or work with people with CCN.

This link provides information about Medicare’s rebate for allied health services (including speech pathology) for clients who have a GP Management Plan.

SCOPE is a not-for-profit organisation that provides disability services to Victorians with physical and multiple disabilities. They have a great collection of nursery rhymes available to download, including communication boards, lyrics and pictures of the Key Word and Signs to make as you sing!

Speech Pathology Australia (SPA) is the national body for the speech pathology profession in Australia and its website contains information about communication disabilities, strategies to assist children to talk and funding for speech pathology services.

The VA&EP ECD Scheme provides Electronic Communication Devices (ECDs) and communication software to Victorians who have Complex Communication Needs. This link provides information about eligibility and what can be provided through the scheme.

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