I’ve just been reading about the new update for Proloquo2Go, a great app that allows you to communicate using symbols and text via your iPhone, iPad touch or iPad. The app is relatively easy to use and can be customised to include all the vocabulary items you need for specific activities, which can be arranged within categories.

I’ve been doing lots of Proloquo2Go programming lately and am really happy that the bug that makes buttons move around within categories has been fixed!

For more information on Proloquo2Go, please visit

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The Communication Toolbox provides speech pathology services for children and adults who want:

  • advice and information about communication aids and devices
  • training and guidance on the use of technology for communication
  • therapy aimed at further developing¬†speech and communication skills

We provide Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) options such as communication boards and books, Electronic Communication Devices and computer software.